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Tax Planning Services:

We want to help you to plan your financial decisions so that you are assured of paying no more in taxes than is absolutely necessary. The extraordinary complexity of our tax laws are compounded by the fact the there are new changes that appear every year and even during the year. Unless you have a very simple tax situation, you will definitely find reassurance in our tax guidance services.

We have specialized tax planning services for situations involving Divorce, Retirement, Estate Planning, and Starting a Business.

Our goal is to assist you to develop tax planning strategies and analyses that fit into your overall comprehensive financial situation.

Tax Preparation Services:

We offer a full array of professional services to assist you with your personal tax return preparation needs. We employ sophisticated technologies and methods for our highly professional, and accurate tax compliance services, in order to assure you that your tax returns are filed correctly in this complex area. These tools also provide you with tax return preparation options for data and return deliveries via mail, phone, fax, email, internet and private secured portals.

We provide you with quick and convenient linking to your own private and secure online portals. Most Windows and PDF files can be stored there for online retrieval. We also use this portal technology for delivery of completed tax returns, financial statements, ledgers or other information we prepare for you. The portal is a powerful tool for the two-way sharing of data between you and our office. The most frequently used feature of this capability is our ONLINE WEB ELECTRONIC TAX DATA ORGANIZER. Here you enter the tax data for your tax returns at home, office or wherever your data resides. You can also attach scanned documents and Excel and PDF files or anything you don't want to or can't enter into the organizer. The system will notify us when your data is complete and then we will securely download it to our computers for preparation and delivery to you.

Of course too, we offer almost complete e-filing capability in all income tax states.

Throughout the year, we monitor tax law changes that might affect you, make recommendations on tax-saving strategies and assist you as your advocate in tax matters.

If you are planning any major changes in your personal affairs, it would be wise to have us examine the consequences of those changes, so that you will be informed and prepared beforehand and able to avoid the maze of tax pitfalls.

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